Siberian timber

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Tongue and groove (Floor)

Wood: Siberian Larch

Size: 29mm x 90mm x 4,075m

Our timber is for those, who are eager to save money


Wood: Siberian Pine

Size: 50mm x 127mm x 3,965m             48mm x 157mm x 3,965m


Fence panels (board)

Wood: Siberian Larch

Size: 14mm x 90mm x 4,125m

          16mm x 97mm x 2,985m

Planked wood (planken)

Wood: Siberian Larch

Size: 28mm x 110mm x 4m   


Wood: Siberian Larch

Size: 78mm х 78mm х 5,150m

          99mm x 99mm x 5,100m

          96mm x 144mm x 4,075m


Decking board (anti-slip)

Wood: Siberian Larch

Size: 27mm x 145mm x 2m             27mm x 145mm x 3.5m           27mm x 145mm x 4m


Wood: Siberian Larch

Size: 24mm x 78mm x 3,985m

          41mm x 133mm x 2,700m

          41mm x 95mm x 3,985m

          33mm x 150mm x 4,075m 

          40mm x 150mm x 4,075m

          54mm x 203mm x 4,000m


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We accept orders for the items which are not listed.

We deliver big orders at a special price.


Our store is located in Alsancak

11,84 € per piece

58,45 € per piece

5,79 € per piece

14,64 € per piece

5,16 € per piece

14,17 € per piece

16,81 € per piece

  8,71 € per piece

15,24 € per piece

17,43 € per piece

32,51 € per piece

51,86 € per piece

  8,30 € per piece

13,99 € per piece

14,75 € per piece

19,17 € per piece

23,23 € per piece

41,66 € per piece